ECE has successfully completed “cradle to grave” regulatory compliance and environmental services for home heating oil tanks at hundreds of sites since 1992 beginning with: 1) closure of non-commercial tanks through either removal or in-place abandonment; 2) petroleum release and risk assessment; 3) risk reduction through the elimination of receptors or secondary contaminant sources; and 4) negotiating with the NC-DEQ for issuance of their NNFA letter.

Home heating oil tank issues occur when a property is listed for sale and home inspection reveals the presence of a buried oil tank.  It makes no difference whether the tank is still in use or has not been used for years. Most buyers and lending institutions will want the tank removed before a purchase can take place.  This is where ECE can keep the home sale moving along. We will professionally remove the tank and its contents.  Most tanks can be removed by ECE or our subcontractors for as little as $1,500, plus liquids disposal.