Recent legislative changes to North Carolina cleanup rules regarding non-commercial underground storage tanks (i.e. home heating oil tanks) have resulted in the dissolution of the “North Carolina Non-Commercial Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund” and the corresponding cleanup requirements. However, some action regarding the existence of heating oil tanks at homes is still required by the NC-DEQ as well as buyers or lending institutions before they will agree to fund a mortgage. At a minimum, a buyer or lending institution will normally request the tank be removed prior to purchase. And, if the tank shows signs of a leak, they will also want the seller to obtain an NNFA letter from the NC-DEQ.

As stated above, while the NC-DEQ normally no longer requires a cleanup, if a leak from the tank is discovered the leak must still be reported to the NC-DEQ using a NC-DEQ UST-61 reporting form. Further, a Notice of Residual Petroleum (NRP) and Public Notice must be successfully completed prior to obtaining a NNFA letter from the NC-DEQ. In response to these regulatory changes ECE has developed the following turnkey service to assist home owners in obtaining their NNFA including the following:

1) Oversight of the tank removal (if required);
2) Collection of a confirmation soil sample from under the tank for laboratory analysis;
3) Completion and submittal of the NC-DEQ UST-61 reporting form;
4) Completion of the Public Notice;
5) Completion and recordation of the NRP; and
6) Act as your representative to the NC-DEQ, all for a turnkey price of *$1,200.00.

Please contact Tom Will at ECE for additional information or to schedule your service.

* Please note that this price does not include the cost to remove the tank itself as this can vary between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on site specific conditions. ECE also offers UST removal services on a site specific basis.