Affordable & efficient environmental solutions for businesses, individuals, and government offices.


At East Coast Environmental, P.A., our goal is to provide cost-effective, technical, and timely environmental solutions to businesses, individuals, and the government. ECE takes pride in never complicating or dragging your job out to our benefit. This philosophy has served us well over the last 24 years. The vast majority of our new clients have come to us by way of existing and former client referrals, never a sales and marketing team with little to no hands on experience regarding the services our clients require.


East Coast Environmental is incorporated in North Carolina as a professional, fully insured association, and is approved by the North Carolina Board for the Licensing of Geologists to assist clients in meeting environmental requirements.

In North Carolina, the ultimate goal of every environmental consultant should be to obtain a “Notice of No Further Action” (NNFA) letter from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NC-DEQ), on behalf of the client, for petroleum spills and cleanups. The NNFA is extremely important to not only the responsible party, but also to the owner of the contaminated property.

Without an NNFA, the property value is diminished, and in many cases cannot by legally sold.

If you have been under contract with another environmental consulting firm for 5 or more years, and have still not received an NNFA letter, call East Coast Environmental today.


Tom Will, began his career in environmental solutions serving six years in regulations at the State of North Carolina’s “Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste & Leaking Underground Storage Tank” division.

After acquiring a strong foundation in the understanding of environmental regulations, Tom started East Coast Environmental in 1992 to assist clients in navigating their way through environmental challenges in North Carolina. Tom’s longstanding personal relationships with State regulators, combined with 24 years of consulting experience, have built his reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. Tom offers his clients unmatched cost-effective and timely solutions, along with a wealth of industry knowledge.