Leaking Underground Storage Tank & FREE Product Removal

Another example of our approach occurred at a closed car dealership in Wilson, NC that was to be donated to Wilson Community College for future use as their automotive and truck mechanic school campus.

In order to qualify for federal education grants, the property had to be quickly conveyed to Wilson Community College in only a few months’ time.  ECE was called in by the car dealership to promptly obtain an NNFA letter from the NC-DEQ, as this was the only issue holding up the property donation.

ECE completed a Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA) and discovered free phase petroleum product at two locations on the site.  ECE removed the product and contaminated soils through excavation and in-situ processes in order to obtain the NNFA letter for the client, all before the looming deadline.

On a similar note, ECE has also economically and successfully completed free product removal for a host of other clients resulting in risk reduction and receipt of NNFA letters.